About Us

Why the race is named Run & Glow ?

– 銀屑 (Psoriasis) – to educate general public about the correct information of Psoriasis.
– 閃 (glittering) – to treat the disease properly, the skin lesions will be improved and smoother like glittering.
– 跑 / Run – to encourage patients and general public to pursue a healthy lifestyle.
– Glow – to glow as a runner, patients will become physically fit and turn to have a healthier, positive and confident mindset.

Hong Kong Psoriasis Patients Association

The Hong Kong Psoriasis Patients Association (HKPPA) was founded in December 2013, which was the first mutual-aid organization among Psoriasis patients. HKPPA is a non-profit making organization which aims at linking patients, enhancing communications and sharing for better management of the disease, raising knowledge and awareness about Psoriasis among patients, their family, medical staff and the public, and improving treatment and services.

Official Website : http://psoriasis.org.hk/
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/hkpso/

The Faith of Run & Glow

Psoriasis is an immune system disease in which the most significant symptom is red rash on skin. Easily seen by others, Psoriasis patients always face strong resistance from others, especially strangers, ranging from facial expression to attitude during communication. The other name of “牛皮癬“ of the disease usually suggests it as high contagious, which is not true though patients have long been suffered from this misunderstanding. Enhancing public acknowledgement, interaction, communication, promotion and inclusiveness are the missions of the HKPPA to break this wall of misunderstanding.

Understanding can change to society!” We believe that the public can have a better and more accurate understanding of Psoriasis though this charity activity. The income of this activity will be utilized to support the medical treatment and other support for Psoriasis patients. Please render your sincere support to the patients to let them know that they are not alone in facing the disease.